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Viral Campaigns

Empower your Brand Advocates

Targeting friends of friends is the secret for hyper growth of your opt-in database. The SUMOTEXT Mobile Relationship Management Platform has settings for you to make any campaign viral. All you have to do is turn the feature on, and incorporate a call to action (CTA) into your campaign's message flows that invites the subscriber to share the campaign by replying with 1 or more of their friend's mobile phone numbers.

When your subscriber does reply with their friend's mobile phone number, our system sends the friend a message from your subscriber that contains a compliant double opt-in request. If the friend replies "YES", then our system will send them whatever keyword and campaign mode your subscriber last interacted with - e.g. an opt-in, poll, contest, or coupon.

Sample of a Viral Passbook Gift Card Campaign

Viral Marketing Campaigns

Viral SMS Marketing Campaigns