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Google Wallet Objects

Tools to Create, Manage, and Update Google Wallet Objects

In September 2013, Google launched a new Google Wallet app for all Android phones. This new mobile wallet solution allows consumers to save Objects to Google Wallet, such as loyalty cards, offers, tickets, boarding passes and more.

Through a cloud-based distribution model, digital content can be saved to Google Wallet from anywhere and then appear on a consumer’s phone instantly for redemption. Marketers now have access to millions of consumers using Android-enabled devices who are ready to start adding mobile offers and loyalty cards to their new App.

Tools to create, manage, and update Google Wallet Objects

Wallet Objects API

The Wallet Objects API allows Google Wallet users to access loyalty programs from any device with access to the cloud. Specifically, the Loyalty API allows Google Wallet users to add your loyalty program to their digital wallet, use loyalty information while making a purchase, and track and redeem awards.

Google Wallet users can save and use offers from any device with access to the cloud. Specifically, the Offers API allows Google Wallet users to save your offers to their digital wallet, view all offers in Google Wallet, and redeem offers while visiting a merchant.

Like with Passbook Passes, SUMOTEXT customers will be able to build, manage, and update their Wallet Objects inside our mobile relationship management platform, as well as deliver these objects directly to devices vis MMS. In the meantime, read and learn more about Google Wallet.

Google Wallet Objects