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Small Business Discounts

SUMOTEXT works with companies of all sizes and we offer flexible pricing and plan options to support your unique needs. Please review our delivery models and give us a call.

Small Business Plan FAQ

What do you consider a small business?
A small business client is a local business with 5 or less retail or restaurant locations.

What if we operate multiple locations or need more keywords?
If one of our normal plans doesn't fit, give us a call and we'll create something custom.

How long do I own my Keywords?
For as long as you continue to subscribe.
If you cancel your account, your keyword becomes available for others to register.

Can I cancel or change plans?
Services for small businesses are provided on a month to month basis. You can change plans or cancel at any time. Be sure to cancel or change your plan before your monthly renewal date. We do not give partial month refunds.